It's no secret that proper branding is essential to the growth and overall success of your business. Your branding is so much more than just a logo, website and visual/text guide; it's about the experience that you give your audience. Quite frankly, your branding is the most important investment you'll ever make in your business.

Far too often we become consumed with the glitter and gloss of creating a beautiful brand and apart from the pretty, your target audience is left wondering what solution you have to their problem. That’s right, you’re who they’re looking for but if your content falls short in communicating that then not only will you lose their attention, but you’ll lose out on potential sales and possible collaborations. 

I want to help you convey your brand story in a way that makes an authentic connection without the use of gimmicks. Start using the power of compelling storytelling to put your brand front and center.

I hate that I have to share her with the world. No, seriously, I do. R’Chelle is one of the few people that I not only trust with my business but with my clients as well. She is my go to resource for creating and editing my copy. She operates ahead of schedule. It helps to have a fellow go getter on the team. Her copy has allowed me to generate over $60,000 in sales in 2016.

Are you ready to tell your brand story in a way that generates sales?


Who’s That Girl?

I’m R’Chelle, Digital Content

and Brand Specialist.


Perhaps much like you, I’m navigating the world of digital entrepreneurship one day at a time and trying to make a lasting digital imprint at the same time. Sure, I’m mighty with the pen (as my friends often tell me) but believe it or not I didn’t always value the importance that content played in the development of my brand. 

I know first-hand how it feels to have this amazing business concept that you’ve birthed only to feel completely defeated when your products and services aren’t selling. Can we keep it real? Likes and retweets don’t keep the lights on or food in your belly so when you launch your brand it’s likely that the top priority is generating income. I said we were going to get real so…

The First Two Years Of My Business I Was Broke Because of Poor Content.

Despite the fact that I’m a former English Teacher, policy writer and wordsmith I wasn’t making the connection that my content and branding needed to be working together. Sure, I was a social media ninja and knew exactly how to target (from a technical point) my Facebook Ads BUT I still wasn’t making sales…because I wasn’t making a connection through content. More than a few times I wanted to give up and then it hit me. I knew my services were valuable but I wasn’t being authentic in telling my brand story though content and I was much more concerned about having a pretty brand and that had me stumped for years.

I wasn’t speaking to the emotion and true needs of my audience. After a full rebrand and some pep talks I finally found my sweet spot and I have to attribute that to the use of creating undeniable content. 

My passion lies in helping you get unstuck when it comes to your brand and your content. I know you have the potential to change lives with your brand and I want to help you, help others realize that. 

Let’s work together to cultivate unforgettable content for your brand.

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